We are aware that a lot of our customers may be now self isolating or have family or friends that are not able to get out or are preparing to stay indoors. As such, we are offering two Cheese Stay At Home packs.

The packs can be ordered online, over the phone and can be collected from the shop or delivered on a next day delivery service across mainland UK.

The cheese boxes are perfect for small and large families.

First is a small stay at home box featuring a range of cheeses including Grated Cheddar, Cheese Selection Pack, Lancashire Cheese and Cheddar, as well as Whey Cream Butter, which can be found here.

The family sized pack includes a half wheel of Red Leicester and Tasty Lancashire, as well as Whey Cream Butter, Garlic and Chive Butter and a range of our Grated Cheese, which can be found here.

If you are just looking for a half wheel of cheese (around 2.5kg), then call us on 01995 602335 to arrange payment and delivery.

Top Tips for your cheese and butter:

If you have any part baked baguettes, why not spread some of our Garlic and Chive Butter on it to create your own garlic bread.

If you have any small left over pieces of cheese, grate them into a freezer bag and then pop them into your freezer and use as a topping when needed.

Our half wheels may look like a lot of cheese, so why not portion them into smaller pieces and freeze. Just take out of the freezer and defrost in your fridge when needed.