Sustainable Cheesemaking in the 21st Century

The installation of a 126m high wind turbine at our Garstang creamery makes Dewlay one of the first cheesemakers in the UK to be powered by wind energy, something we are very proud of.

This groundbreaking project has helped us to lower our carbon footprint and move our operation towards a sustainable future.

Dewlay is the first major UK cheese manufacturer to power a facility of this size using renewable energy. However, this is only one of the first steps in our commitment to the environment and we hope to lead the dairy industry into a cleaner greener future.

Open for business!

We work closely with local dairy farmers to maintain quality and flavour. All of the milk used to make our cheese comes from within a six mile radius of the Dewlay site. Every vat of cheese is produced as an individual batch to ensure a consistent and very closely monitored product.

Our 36,000 square foot dairy gleams with stainless steel and is built to the highest standards. It boasts features such as a hand-laid tiled floor, air conditioning, filtered air, controlled temperature, positive air pressures, separate pasteurisation and starter rooms, sophisticated control and hazard analysis systems, and extensive storage and packing facilities.

We are proud to hold the much sought-after BRC higher level status, widely respected as an independent food audit by all the major food markets, in recognition of our high hygiene standards, inspection procedure and staff training.

Making Lancashire cheese to the high standards we've set ourselves

takes a lot of time & energy and our cheesemakers have dedicated many years of their lives in producing high quality cheeses here at the dairy. Cheesemaking has traditionally relied on conventional sources of energy in terms of how dairies and packing facilities have been powered but conscious of the need to become more environmentally aware and rely less on traditional power sources while embracing new ones, Dewlay commissioned the construction of a 2MW wind turbine on site in late 2010. Following months of planning and construction, the project – a joint venture between Wind Direct and Dewlay - was completed in September 2010. Such was the success of the project that Dewlay was the first dairy in the U.K. to be able to say that it was powered by renewable wind energy on this scale.

You could say we produce the greenest cheese in England!

The turbine has the capacity to power the entire facility and is estimated to save almost 3,000 tonnes of carbon per annum - this is the equivalent to the annual usage of over 1,100 homes, and makes Dewlay a much more sustainable business into the future.

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Key Facts and Stats

  • 126 metres high
  • 330 cubic metres of concrete used to fill hole for installation of turbine
  • 40 tonnes of steel used as reinforcement in the concrete
  • 1,600 cubic metres of earth excavated for hole 20m x 20m x 4m deep
  • Has reduced carbon emissions by 2,992 tonnes per year

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