Dewlay Lancashire Cheese

Our passion drives us to make the very best traditional handmade Lancashire Cheese using cheesemaking techniques that our Father and Grandfather before us created and developed

Nick & Richard Kenyon

Dewlay - The Cheesemakers of Garstang

We're celebrating 60 years of Lancashire cheesemaking this year at Dewlay! Since 1957, when George Kenyon founded Dewlay, we have dedicated ourselves to making the highest quality cheese made from locally sourced Lancashire milk. This passion has created huge loyalty among our customers and our cheese is now available in more retail outlets around the country - and further afield - than ever before, and the unique history and provenance that is at the heart of Lancashire cheese, is truly starting to resonate with both trade customers and consumers alike who demand only the very best cheese.

Our cheese shop, museum and viewing gallery which we opened to the public only a few short years ago is fast becoming a "must-do" activity for any visitors to the area and an enjoyable and informative half day excursion for school groups and social clubs looking for something "different" to do. Please contact us on 01995 602335 for more information.


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