Dewlay Lancashire Cheese

Our passion drives us to make the very best traditional handmade Lancashire Cheese using cheesemaking techniques that our Father and Grandfather before us created and developed

Nick & Richard Kenyon

New From Dewlay - Garstang White

Garstang White - Beautifully Indulgent - Made with Jersey Cows' milk!

Made with deliciously creamy pasteurised Jersey Milk sourced from one of our dedicated dairy farmers, and made to a brie-style recipe with a Lancashire twist, Garstang White is lovingly matured for up to 7 weeks. The cheese is uniquely creamy & flavoursome yet mellow & absolutely ideal for an after dinner cheeseboard, for baking or using in a salad. 

It can already be found on the menu of some of the county's best restaurants and you can buy it from the cheese counter at Booths,  our own on-site cheese shop as well as from specialist cheese delicatessens and independent cheese markets all over the county.

We hope you enjoy Garstang White as much as we've enjoyed creating it!


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